Case Study

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Tianjin subsidiary company cleaner production case

China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation Tianjin subsidiary company’s predecessor is Tianjin Petrochemistry Company, which was a national extra large refinery, chemical industry, and chemical fiber integration enterprise, established in 28 December 1983. Tianjin Subsidiary company is located in Tianjin Binhai New District Big Harbor Area, east near the Bohai Sea oil field, south depends on the big harbor oil field, occupied 16.47 square kilometers. The main running petroleum chemical production installment includes: 5,000,000 tons/year refineries, 800,000 ton/year aromatic hydrocarbon combination unit, 340,000 ton/year PTA installments, 200,000 ton/year polyester installments, 100,000 ton/year polyester spun yarn installments, 90,000 ton/year filament installments, 200,000 ton/year ethylene decomposition installment, 120,000 ton/year polyethylene installments, 60,000 ton/year polypropylene installments, 80,000 ton/year polyether installments, etc.

Tianjin subsidiary company cleaner production verification work official started in 2006, supervised by Kerlin environmental technology, and according to the cleaner production verification seven steps, Kerlin involved in the conducting processes from pre-validation to sustain cleaner production. We discovered barriers for Tianjin subsidiary company on implementing cleaner production by investigating their current situation including ideology, management system, and technical difficulties, etc. then proposed the solutions. According to the comprehensive investigation and analysis outcomes on installments current energy consumption and pollutant emissions, adopting Weighted Ranking Method to determine the keystone in cleaner production auditing. According to mass balance, water balance, energy consumption and pollutant emmision analysis, we bring forward for the improvement proposal. And 157 alternative cleaner production plan were produced by mobilise the staffs, information including management, operation, technology and equipment improvement, etc.

The cleaner production expert from China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation carried on a pre-appraisal in Tianjin subsidiary company during Mid-August, 2016, and delivers a high appraisal. The formal appraisal is scheduled on November 2016.