International partner -- goEco


goEco is a cleantech and environmental services company involved in the startup and development of energy and climate projects internationally. goEco addresses the urgent need to take action against climate change while at the same time creating technological, financial and environmental benefits for its project partners. goEco has positioned itself to develop large scale projects and manage the financial needs of such initiatives.

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The company is founded in 2016, based in Switzerland with offices in Frankfurt am Main and Beijing. The members of the executive board include Mr. Rudolf Scharping, a former minister in the German government and Mr. Manfred Krüper the member of the executive board of E.ON AG, Düsseldorf. Cleantech comprises all technologies and methods that enable a more efficient, sustainable and climate compliant practice of human activities. CDM/JI-projects implement ecologically sensible market mechanisms as intended by the Kyoto protocol. These mechanisms enable quick deployment of sustainable technologies which would otherwise not be deployed or simply set up at a later time.