Cleaner Production

Following specific procedures to diagnose and tuneļ¼Ÿ processes of production or service to identify the reasons of high energy consumption, high material consumption, heavy pollution, and then select technically feasible, cost-effective and environmentally friendly cleaner production programs to reduce the use and production of toxic materials, to reduce energy consumption, material consumption and waste generation.

(1) Cleaner Production Audit
Cleaner production audit advisory is intended to scientifically guide and standardize the operations to carry out cleaner production audit, and then select techno-economic and environmentally feasible cleaner production programs.

(2) Cleaner Production Training
Cleaner production includes a series of training courses aimed at popularizing environmentally friendly practices, increase public and corporate awareness of clean production, improve the l perception and implementation of cleaner production processes, promote and disseminate advanced cleaner production experience to guide the enterprise.

(3)Feasibility Study of Cleaner Production Projects
In-depth study of technical, economic and environmental feasibility of cleaner production programs.

(4) Cleaner Production and Environmental Protection related Regulation and Legislation Advisory and Study:
Formulating cleaner production, energy conservation related environmental protection regulations and legislation by entrustment of the government through consulting for technology and expert supports

(5) Research and Establishment of the Cleaner Production Standards
Provide technical and expert support for government departments to develop cleaner production, energy conservation, environmental protection-related evaluation system and standards.